Enriching education with Technology Lagos State EduTech Summit

Promoting Education with technology and innovation in Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole, and to position the region as a leader in the tech industry in Africa.

About Lagos State
EduTech Summit

Lagos Education Tech Summit is focused on the intersection of technology and education in Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole. The Lagos Education Tech Summit aims to create awareness about the transformative power of technology in education and to explore how digital tools and solutions can be leveraged to improve access, quality, and equity in education.

15 July

Exhibition & Side Events

16 July

Conference Day

The Aim

It aims to be the source of inspiration for participants to enhance their productivity and creativity and to also promote technology innovation to educational sectors.

We set to discover inspiring education products and services from around the world and revitalize education through technology and innovation

topics Breakthrough Starts Here

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Literacy

Streaming Services

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Skills Development

Consumer Devices